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Reverse Mortgage Clients Testimonials

I had researched reverse mortgages and contacted a lender that was out of our area. When a friend recommended I call Reverse Mortgage loan Rates, I was amazed at the how much better their quote was. Their fees and interest rate were lower which resulted in more money available to me on a monthly basis to live a comfortable retirement. What a pleasant experience.
James – Fairfax, VA
Reverse Mortgage loan Rates was able to obtain a reverse mortgage for us to help my husband and I pay the real estate taxes on our investment properties. They worked very hard to overcome some issues with our appraisal and title to get our deal done. What a relief it was to have that line of credit.
Priscilla & Thomas– Philadelphia, PA
My experience with Reverse Mortgage loan Rates on my reverse mortgage was exceptional. Even though my appraisal came in lower than expected, they were able to reduce some closing costs to make my deal work and get the cash I needed while I recuperated from surgery and return to work.
Edward – Washington, DC
Reverse Mortgage loan Rates saved my home from foreclosure after my husband’s unexpected death. They helped me settle an IRS lien on my home and avoid the foreclosure. I am very thankful for all they did for me.
Elsie – Baltimore, MD

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